Update #3

Helloooo everyone. what a year it’s been! I say that because it’s been (more than) a year since this website became a thing! I’ve reached a few milestones… including more than 1000 views! There’s roughly 50-80 views a month for this site and that blows my mind… I’m glad people are enjoying it and using the packs.

I wanted to address that the last few weeks, there’s been problems with MEGA (the file hosting site) and you might have seen that the files were ‘removed’ or ‘no longer being able to be used’. This is not the case! They are all back up and there shouldn’t be any problems downloading the files. This is not an obsolete project!!

In fact, from April – August I’m going to do a lot of scenepacking and either release S2 and S3 together, or separately. For everyone still supporting this site/project and downloading the files – thank you so so much. It really gives me perspective on this whole thing. Also, some of the links stopped showing up at the top of the site. This should be fixed now as I added them below the title instead.

That’s all for now : ) happy file downloading


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