contrary to popular belief, i am not a
huge picture of david boreanaz.

hello!! you may know me as Angelus on youtube and as Giles on my tumblr blogs. I got into BTVS/ATS in May 2021 and this project is my love letter to it all. I’m 19 and doing silly college things. I met James Marsters at a convention once and its probably my biggest flex. I have a leopard gecko named Gerard 🙂

I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019, a mac, a terrible sleep schedule and a lot of my time and energy to do this : ‘)

It does, however, kind of baffle me that I’m the first person to do this (at least to my knowledge lol) only because the fandom is huge and 20+ years old. Its crazy there hasn’t been some kind of archive of things! I guess that’s why its cool new fans are always popping up : D Feedback is always always appreciated ❤


Why is all of this available for free? Isn’t it time consuming? What’s the point?

Well, to be honest, at first it wasn’t supposed to be a public thing. I wanted specific clips of the show to use for video edits and whatnot, but then I figured other people probably do, too. Also, nobody’s done this (to my knowledge). In a fandom this big its my chance to be the one to contribute 🙂


Maybe someday! It’s really simple stuff – mostly just reorganising audio channels and splitting the episode into scenes. I don’t use anything that isn’t already in Premiere Pro CC 2019. If anything, the way I do it is the hardest, most time consuming way… (because its a cracked software. lol)

If enough people ask – I’ll do it. But why do your own when this website exists 😉

When’s the next season/scenepack coming out?

I wish I knew </3 

As you know its very time consuming, also I have a life(well…..), also uploading takes a while. I’m trying my best and I make announcements on my tumblr(s)!!

If you have more questions – leave a comment, give me an ask on my tumblrs, or email me!

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