Welcome! – Update #1

First of all I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to anyone who’s supported the website the first few days its been up, also to anyone reblogging on tumblr and sharing with friends.

I took a break from working on this for a few days after getting everything finalised – and still tons of work to do (sigh.. youtube..). Just updating to say S2 is a go and it’s officially a WIP. I think I’ll be posting the scenepacks on YT before they’re on here — I think updating the site fully should be final with every single file instead of one by one every time I make one.

I’ve noticed some S1 things might not have every single clip meant to be in there, or doubles. Doubles are likely because sometimes I make copies of a clip to put in different folders, if it applies. Unfortunately whats done is done and it would be painstakingly difficult to sort it all out again. FORTUNATELY I’ve sorted out a new file tagging method doing the technical stuff on my end, so I’m hoping S2 onwards will be smooth with no doubles or missing clips.

What else… it would be beyond amazing to have more publicity for the site, as hard as it already is. There’s only a small chance it would catch on YT, and I try on tumblr but I’m just hoping as the website expands word will get out more. This is mostly for my own motivation (lol) however at the end of the day even if 30 people use it I’m happy about it : )

I’m pretty hyped to start S2 – know it’ll take twice as long because of 22 eps instead of 12. I already know the Spike folder will be HUGE – very very excited to get clips of Angelus (he’s one of my fav characters in the whole thing).

Okay, thats it I think. If I need to update, I’ll do so. Remember to keep spreading the word!

— G

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